Cecilia Karvegard: Fantastic! Awesome! Amazing! Fabulous!

Fantastic! Awesome! Amazing! Fabulous!

Those are important keywords for me and they also describe the energy that I want to emit to the audience.

I have been a speaker for more than 15 years and have inspired, motivated, moved and empowered thousands of people. I have a perfect combination of education and a touching life journey. I have studied behavior science, psychology, sociology, pedagogy and happiness at University in Sweden. And that combined with my tough life journey gives me a unique knowledge and insights in human behavior.

Some of the things I´ve experienced during my life is:

I have grown up with an alcoholic father, I have been abused both physically and mentally, I have been threatened to life, I got widowed at the age of 25, I have been subjected to mental torture, There have been very many deaths in my family, I have been stalked, I have had posttraumatic stress at least 2 times, I have been burned out 2 times, I have been raped

Some people tell me that I´ve experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. I don´t know if it´s true but today I´m grateful for all that happened to me because it made me to the person I am today and I kind of like me the way I am today. And most of all, I love my life. I have, despite of all the hardship, created a life that I really love. I am a living example that you can do whatever you want, despite outer circumstances. It´s all in your mind and that’s one of my most important messages. I will show you how you can change things in your outer world by changing your thoughts.

I have worked with hundreds of companies, organizations and government agencies.

2017 me and my husband sold everything we owned in Sweden and moved to Gran Canaria, Spain, with our daughter. After moving here I realized that I missed speaking so I decided to be an international speaker instead. So, now it´s just like starting from the beginning for me.

  • In Sweden I was often engaged as an expert by media and have been in all the big, national newspapers, magazines and in the biggest morning news show on national TV.

  • I had my own inspiring TV-show.

  • I was a stress management consultant for the former minister of integration in the Swedish government.

  • I´ve published 3 books in Swedish.

  • I was a highly engaged speaker all over Sweden at conferences, for companies and government agencies.

  • I worked a lot with entrepreneurship for women in Sweden and I was the chairman for an organization for female entrepreneurs.

  • I´ve been an ambassador for female entrepreneurship and that assignment I got from the minister of entrepreneurship in the Swedish government. We were about 200 ambassadors total in Sweden. After one year as an ambassador I got a new assignment as a coordinator of 30 ambassadors in one county in Sweden.

I have a speaking style where I combine humor and audience interaction with insightful content that´s inspiring and motivating to the audience. I speak about positive thinking but it´s not what you think it is. Most people has got it wrong and totally misunderstand what positive thinking really is and a positive thought used in the wrong way has the opposite effect.

My passion is to inspire people not just to be fantastic but to FEEL that they are fantastic. I teach people the importance of our thoughts and motivates my audience to create new thoughts that will give them better and more successful results. I am a living example that you can do whatever you want to, despite outer circumstances. It´s all in your mind and thats the most important message. I will show you how you can change things in your outer world by changing your thoughts. My areas of expertise are human behavior, the mind, our thoughts and motivation.

Email: cecilia@klokegard.se

Website: http://ceciliakarvegard.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeciliaKarvegard/

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