Joyce Stewart: Heal from Trauma, Abuse, Fear and Anxiety

Join Catherine M Laub, Host of The Celestial Spoon as she interviews Joyce Stewart, a counselor, speaker and author who specializes in helping people heal from abuse, trauma, fear, anxiety and stress. Joyce started Holistic Healing Consulting where she works with people online or in person at her office in Southern California. Joyce has a master’s in clinical social work and has been trained in Traditional Psychotherapy, Christian Counseling, Energy Psychology and Releasement Therapy. Today, in addition to counseling, Joyce enjoys speaking and writing about what she has learned so more people can be set free from the things that hold them back from living the life they desire.

Joyce has written three books:

  • Interconnected by God, Healing for your Spirit, Soul and Body
  • God is Love, A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love
  • Restored to Love, Healing Sexual Abuse Trauma
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I was addicted to marijuana, experienced abusive relationships, and suffered from chronic depression and migraine headaches. My relationship with my mother was very troubled and quite painful. There was a long period where we did not speak. I have been divorced twice and have at times struggled with where I would live. I have spent a lot of time in counseling, and at 12 step meetings working with a sponsor. However, since I started working with Joyce, I now have a new life. I have allowed God to heal me from the inside out. He has renewed my mind. He has empowered me to change my thoughts, from negative to positive, and this has made all the difference in the world, as changing my thoughts has in turn changed my behavior. I no longer crave drugs or alcohol. I no longer allow anyone to abuse me. I no longer take any pharmaceutical drugs for depression or migraines. Natural supplements are so much better (no side effects). To maintain my peace and joy, I spend time each day in prayer and Bible Study. I am married to a kind man who does not abuse me. I have security today. My relationship with my mother is good now. We love and respect each other. It has been a long road, but oh so worth the journey.

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