Kevin Murphy: The Three Rooms: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life


Join Catherine M Laub, Host of The Celestial Spoon as she interviews Kevin Murphy, a former Wall Street managing director, high school and collegiate wrestling champion, community activist, speaker, coach, and author of the book The Three Rooms.

*After 33 years at Citigroup in the field of sales, marketing and option trading and becoming an industry luminary in the options field, Kevin felt called to step away from the corporate world in order to bring forth a book that would draw attention to a concept that became very clear to him during quiet periods of reflection and meditation. He started applying these concepts while dealing with people in business, the youngsters he coached in wrestling, and in his own personal experiences – including how it could impact those being pulled into the opioid and drug epidemic.

*The premise behind The Three Rooms is simple, but profound. It explains that our experience of life is not based on what we have or what we do, but rather, it is based on what we think, and our thoughts can only be in one of three places: the past (Past Room), the future (Future Room), or the present (Present Room), and whichever room your thoughts are in determines your experience of life in that moment. Kevin explains how observing which room your thoughts are in, can change your experience of life.

*The Three Rooms invites you to start the process of better monitoring your thoughts—while providing you the keys to transform your life by doing so. As Kevin notes, those thoughts merely affect our health, our wealth and our relationships.

*Kevin Brings a New Approach to Transformative Living That is Simple, Easy-to-Grasp, and Profound

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